We have a wide variety of savings programs.  
Check out the links to all our savings programs: Money Market accounts, Share Certificates ("CDs"), Holiday Savings, IRA's, CONNECTED Accounts, and Youth Accounts for the younger set.  No matter your age or financial situation, we can help you build for the future!

 Share SavingsMoney MarketHoliday SavingsYouth Savings
Opening Deposit  $25.00   $5.00  $25.00
Minimum Balance $25.00   $5,000.00** None  $25.00
Monthly Service Charge  N/A $5.00 if balance falls below $5,000.00 None N/A 
Interest Paid Once balance reaches $100.00 dividends paid monthly Monthly  Annual Dividends Once balance reaches $100.00 dividends paid monthly
ATM Processing Fees 1  8 free, 75¢ each after  N/A N/A N/A
Withdrawal Limits2     You may also withdraw from this account by paying a $10.00 early withdrawal fee for each withdrawal.  
Other Benefits  (6) debits (withdrawals) per month without any service charges  (6) debits (withdrawals) per month without any service charges  Regular deposits are not required.
You may deposit to this account at any time.
(6) debits (withdrawals) per month without any service charges 

**Should your balance fall below $5,000, you will earn this lower rate and be charged a $15.00 montly service fee until balance is above $5,000 again.

1 Does not include any applicable foreign ATM fees charged by the ATM owners.

2Transaction limitations and excess withdrawal fees may apply.  See a personal banker for details.



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